Make sure your roofer isn’t on drugs

Make sure your roofer isn’t on drugs

To do roofing job it need a good balance in technique and safety measurement to do the job efficiently. As roof varies from 3 miters from ground to several miters, as floor increases of a building with respect to ground the roofing height also increases with number of flow. As the roofing is to be done top of a building . material need to be list desire level so the roofers or experienced worker can place and fixed with the structure as roofing is a decorative part of a house it must be done very preciously so its gives a delicate and attractive look its also provides strength of a whole building as it provides a upper section to join together.

Roofing job is so easy but another hand it needs an act of courage and balancing technique. And fully physically fit body to do this job smoothly.

As roofer or workers do their jobs sometimes hanging by the rope sometime walking or balancing on a plane beam. Sometime they have to stand on a slope which is very much tilt. All the time they are working need to be alert so that they can not fall from such height.

The owner must be take care or roofer must ensure that those person who doing roofing jobs in such a height should not take drugs or drug addicted person. If the drug-addicted roofer are involved roofing business roofing installation it may a chance to danger their life very much. In other hand on doing this type of work they can fall from such a height.

Other point is to remember the roofers do not take psychological medicine on time or before doing installation as it hamper installation work and also it makes a probability to danger their life very much. 

Drug addicted roofers also cause very loose roofing company if a drug-addicted die on construction site, It hampers on the company’s profit or outcome as lot of money have to be paid as compensation. 

Roofing job work basically done at very height and it requires basic fittings or base on roofing this must not be achieved by the drug addicted person. Once the job done by the roofer it can not be repaired or replace frequently. It may chance that the alcoholic or any drug addicted person may do the job not properly according to desire plan or it may chance that they forgot to do some essential jobs which can not be observe or checked from the ground. So before installation a roof of office or home or factory ensure that roofer  not be a drug addicted person. The worker must be physically fit and mentally ok .

Roofing top 20 tips

Roofing top 20 tips

Each and every person have a dream to build a sweet home. For this purpose, the foundation wall roofing painting and decoration all are above essential but roofing is a vital part of a building or a construction home. To build a good home material is a key factor if we choose material wisely then it fulfills our demand as well as need and it also saves a lot of money for us. Before installing a roof a paperwork or some planning and management requirements for do smooth function. For above here some top 20 tips for Roofing…

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!) Survey : Survey is a vital part first where it is to build and what is purpose and size of a building must be survey before planning or do any job.

2) Planning: Planning must be done with the help of good or experienced engineer who can give us a good plan which looks good and also durable cost effective and less maintenance.  

3) Budget : Budget also plays a key role to build a house or a office or we can say roof of a house. we can build a desire product. If our budget give s us permission to afford.

4) Hire a Roofer : Whether our planning is good material also very good but if we did not hire a good roofer then full / whole work can not be achieved to our goal because of a roofer so it is a key point to hire an experienced roofer to get our design and defective free roof.

5) Roofing Material : Roofing Material must be chosen according to geographical and environmental condition, So that we can leave our home, work place peacefully and freely without any difficulty.

6) Roofing Structure: This structure again plays a key role in a roof. If a roof foundation or its structure is not so good then its a chance to claps they roof over the whole structure. Roofing structure builds in a such a way that it can bear a heavy load and sustain in cyclonic condition.

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7) Roofing weathering : Roofing weathering if done properly it increase the life of roof and if it ignore a decrees the life of a roof accordingly so it must be done on roof after installation a roof.

8) Roofing Coating: A roof coating protect a roofing material from bad weather it increase roof life.

9) Experienced Worker : Experienced worker can do roofing job so quickly or do their job without any dispute.

10) Safety : Safety must be taken before any roofing work

11) Insurance: To take an insurance wiser decision.

12) Roofing Slope: Roofing slope keeps water and snow away from roof and keeps roof healthy  

13) Heatshield: It protect home from heat. 

14) Roofing clam: It hold the roof structure with roof so it should be good quality.

15) Drainage system: Roofing drainage system must be install.

16) Roofing Painting: It increase roofs life so many years.

17) Maintenance: Keeps roof healthy.

18) Requirement: Requirement is a key factor before installation if requirements is one and we install another type it is a big mistake so roof must be installed accordingly.

19) Eco Friendly: If materials is Eco friendly then it doesn’t pollute our environment.

20) Insulation

Roofing top 5 tips

Roofing top 5 tips

For Roofing a house or office need good knowledge to build a good roof. For making this we need some basic principle to construct roof.

Basic Tips of a roof as mention below..

1) Select your roofing material : The first to construct a roof need to think about roofing material because it depends upon  our budget our total construction budget. it may cause massive / heavy expense our total budget. In other words the martial which we choose need to appropriate with climatic condition otherwise the all roofing system will collapse before time, it will cause extra burden to our pocket. If we choose wisely then it will last longer durable roof or home or Building and office wherever it is.

2) Roofing Installation: As we set our min to build a house or office with other part roofing also a key factor for a construction site. It is a most beautiful and decorative part which reflect our status symbol in our society. This portion can be seen from outside or it can be looked by far distance. So its look must be elegant. Keeping all this mind we must higher experience well-equipped roofers. So our roofers looks so nice and also which type of martial is used can be installed very correctly by this way we can also minimize our roofing installation cost.

3) Roofer : Roofer plays a key role to construct a good house or an office because they do roofing which is topmost part of our home or office, This roofing save us from rain snow and light and bad weather and etc.. A good roofer can install roofing such a way that know fault or without any punch mark. It will save us from leakage and weathering. Which provide us a damp prove or leakage prove roof which gives a good home also wastage can be minimized by hire a good roofer or experienced roofer also a roofer give us a satisfaction which ordinary or experience worker can not.

4) Planning or Drawing: Planning is a essential or vital part for doing any type of job unless or until we do planning we can not estimate our budget and martial requirement and also days to require to finish the task so before doing any type of job planning must be require to do a hassles free job. So for roofing planning must be done to gain as our requirement so before roofing one must be done planning.

5) Maintenance : Maintenance is essential part without maintenance roofing can be collapsed or damage within few years. In other hand with good maintenance roofer life can be extended for many years.