Make sure your roofer isn’t on drugs

Make sure your roofer isn’t on drugs

To do roofing job it need a good balance in technique and safety measurement to do the job efficiently. As roof varies from 3 miters from ground to several miters, as floor increases of a building with respect to ground the roofing height also increases with number of flow. As the roofing is to be done top of a building . material need to be list desire level so the roofers or experienced worker can place and fixed with the structure as roofing is a decorative part of a house it must be done very preciously so its gives a delicate and attractive look its also provides strength of a whole building as it provides a upper section to join together.

Roofing job is so easy but another hand it needs an act of courage and balancing technique. And fully physically fit body to do this job smoothly.

As roofer or workers do their jobs sometimes hanging by the rope sometime walking or balancing on a plane beam. Sometime they have to stand on a slope which is very much tilt. All the time they are working need to be alert so that they can not fall from such height.

The owner must be take care or roofer must ensure that those person who doing roofing jobs in such a height should not take drugs or drug addicted person. If the drug-addicted roofer are involved roofing business roofing installation it may a chance to danger their life very much. In other hand on doing this type of work they can fall from such a height.

Other point is to remember the roofers do not take psychological medicine on time or before doing installation as it hamper installation work and also it makes a probability to danger their life very much. 

Drug addicted roofers also cause very loose roofing company if a drug-addicted die on construction site, It hampers on the company’s profit or outcome as lot of money have to be paid as compensation. 

Roofing job work basically done at very height and it requires basic fittings or base on roofing this must not be achieved by the drug addicted person. Once the job done by the roofer it can not be repaired or replace frequently. It may chance that the alcoholic or any drug addicted person may do the job not properly according to desire plan or it may chance that they forgot to do some essential jobs which can not be observe or checked from the ground. So before installation a roof of office or home or factory ensure that roofer  not be a drug addicted person. The worker must be physically fit and mentally ok .